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Thermal Liner Image

Transit Protection that
Stabilises Temperature

Shipping Lines have been successfully using Thermoliner for over twenty years. Many thousand tonnes of cargo have been carried in a wide range of different environmental conditions, ranging from butter, cheese and fish in the spring summer autumn, to wines, soft drinks, beer spring water and water based paints in the winter. Yoghurts and foodstuffs sensitive to extreme cold have been carried in standard containers with the protection of Thermoliner. In general Thermoliner is used to fill the gap between:

a) A Dry Freight Container whose internal temperature rises and falls dramatically.

b) A fully Insulated Container/Reefer where the repositioning/empty running costs, added to the capital costs, made its use uncompetitive.

If you have temperature problems using standard containers Thermoliner will provide the solution. Its clean, easy to use and will transform a standard container into an insulated one. Durable, clean, shrink proof and tailor-made to your requirements. It is also used to increase the professional feel of care and quality when shipping high value items or cargoes where it is critical that they remain clean and dust free. In some cases Thermoliner has enabled cargoes to be shipped in standard Steel Containers where they have previously only been carried in Refrigerated Containers.