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Thermal Properties

The graph to the right shows the temperature rise within a cargo of butter during three controlled trials in the Cambridge Refrigeration Technology (CRT) heat chamber. When the effects of daytime temperature rise was simulated over a four day period.  The tests were ended when an increase of +8ºC were reached.

Factors Influencing Product Temperature
Rate of heat loss/gain will vary dependent on the temperature difference between product and ambient during transit.

  1. Container colour – lighter colours will reduce solar gain. A white roof may
  2. reduce the solar gain by up to 30%.
  3. Container position and exposure on desk/below deck/ in a stack.
  4. “Cargo hold” temperatures.
  5. Wind chill factors.
  6. Correct installation of Thermoliner
  7. Product loading temperature.
  8. Product packaging.
  9. Transit time.

It is strongly recommended that a trial is carried out over a short period and this is extended if the results are successful.

Thermal Efficiency Information
(W/mk) Kcal/hr/Celsius
Standard 4mm 0.042 0.036
Super 7mm 0.031 0.031
Test method BS 4745 1990
Test conditions 20+/-2C 65+/-2%rh

Thermal Properties of temperature raises in a cargo of butter